Sampling Paint Colors

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I cannot stress enough that testing paint colors before applying them is critical to the success of any exterior or interior paint project.   You should not count on a small paint chip to select a color…but should rely on large samplings to determine if the paint color is what you are expecting.  If you are painting on the exterior of a house…you should apply at least a 4′ x 4′ sample of the field color of the paint (usually low-lustre), as well as testing trim colors as well.  I often paint the field around a window to get the impact of all the colors being specified for the house.  If you are painting the interior of a house, the same rule applies, but you can paint the samples on poster board or boards provided by your local paint store.  Remember to apply at least two coats, letting the paint try in between coats.  I will be providing more information about paint sampling in the next few days…just wanted to post some good information on our updated website!!

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